Mechanical Speed Variators
We are manufacturing Mechanical Variable Speed Drives in two different designs i.e. one is compact integral design having 0.37 KW to 2,2 KW capacity & speed range we can give is from 0.1 to 500 RPM having ratios 5:1 or max.6:1. Our this compact Mechanical variable speed drive is working on constant HP basis. The drive can be used with Flame proof motors also for using in hazardous area & speed of the Mechanical variable speed drive can be varied through a know provided on the drive itself & by moving knob you Can get required speed variation steplessly. The assembly is made very compact & we can give Helical gearboxes, Mechanical variable speed drives & electric motors integrally fitted in line design. The drive is maintenance free & provided with life time lubrication.
Drives Features :-
Motor and Gear Reducer are integrally fitted to the Variable Speed Drive making it compact single unit.

Advantages of Variables Speed Drives :-

• More Torque with a No. of Speed
• Fine adjustment od Speed with a dial indicator
• Less Maintenance Cost because the use of high quality friction ring
• No damage to unit when friction ring wears out
• Handle can be fitted in I----------II---------III position
• Can be mounted in Horizontal and Vertical position
• Compact constructions
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