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FHP Geared Motor

The quality FHP motors supplied by us work with precision in their specified application. Compact in structure and high in efficiency, our FHP motors are provided with pressure die-cast, CNC machined aluminum body and concealed body. The gears in these motors are of helical rest spur type and precision cut metallic type. A brief description of the different types of FHP motors and Geared motors available with us & is given in our catalog. FHP geared motor manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers and traders in Mumbai, India to worldwide FHP gear motors industry in low price with reliable and durable features as per the client's requirement.



Continues Operation, rotates in Clockwise or Anti clockwise Direction
Speeds are 2880 / 1440 RPM and further low speeds with Gearbox
Terminal Box or Lead Wire for connection

Geared motor Torque Table : Induction / Reversible / Electromagnetic Brake Motors

The actual motor Speed is 2~20 % less less depending upon the load.

The Product contains a built in thermal protector. When a motor overheats for any reason, the thermal protector is opened and the motor stops.

When the motor temperature drops, the thermal protector closes and the motor restarts.

Be sure to turn the motor off before inspecting.

Characteristics, specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

Dimension : Induction / Reversible Motors


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